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Scott Drinkwater Kiwiz Director

At Kiwiz IT Support we believe in putting one thing above all else – you!

We believe that nowadays, the IT support sector is dominated by businesses who have lost sight of what is truly important. The client. 

Our company founder, Scott Drinkwater, created IT support company Kiwiz with a simple goal: Do away with the impersonal, stock-response, business model employed by many IT companies in favour of working directly with clients to find great solutions, fast. 

Originally from New Zealand, Scott’s passion for IT started at a young age. As a kid he spent his time hand-building computers, helped by a local charity that focused on developing IT skills. Using his knowledge and experience, he earned a job with an established IT support company and In 2009 moved to London to help head their new security department. 

After many years working in various fields, Scott decided to create Kiwiz when he saw how smaller businesses often felt overlooked by large IT firms. He was committed to founding a company where every client was treated as a top priority. 

His first client, a well-respected 3D design company, got in touch when a ransomware attack brought work to a standstill and caused their entire team to walk out in frustration. They were in a dire situation and needed help fast.

Kiwiz wasted no time, working non-stop over the weekend to get them back in business. After 3 days of tireless effort they successfully fixed the issue and had their systems up and running. Kiwiz’s hard work and commitment won the business’ loyalty, and their professional relationship continues to this day.   

Since then, Scott’s can-do Kiwi attitude, heartfelt dedication to clients, and simple, stress-free approach has built Kiwiz into a trusted, fast-growing name in IT support.

Our Core Values

– Our clients are our greatest asset
– Every job is a priority, big or small
– Quality service should be the norm, not the exception
– Honest and transparent services
– We build trust – not break it
– Keep learning and adapting to new technologies
– No tool can replace hard work
– Reliable and stress-free beats flashy and fancy

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