Zero Day Attack

What is a zero day threat and how can protect against them.

Security threats are quite often well known, but zero day threats are not. Zero day means “zero days old” which means the threat has zero days since it was discovered by someone or some organization. The zero day attacks can be costly to an enterprise as it leaves very less time for implementation of protective measures.

Zero-day threats have become much more common in today’s sophisticated cyber world. Hackers now resort to zero day exploits because they require less effort and time compared to other vulnerabilities that have already been patched .

The Onion Model

To maintain security in a complex system with so many users, layers upon layers need to be added on top of each other. This is called layering or onion style security model where one layer forms the core.

Zero day protection and by using the onion model provides outstanding security, One zero day exploit may be enough to breach one layer of security but not all.

The zero day vulnerability is a vulnerability which is not known to the software developer of that particular application.

Zero day vulnerabilities are very powerful because they are difficult to protect against especially if it is unknown, since there are no patches or antivirus programs available

One zero day exploit may be enough to cause serious damage on computers around the world

For best protection, use zero-day exploit mitigation and onion model for security .

Never use only one form of defense in cybersecurity and keep in mind zero-day threats and how dangerous they can be in today’s sensitive cyber environment!

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